Welcome to the Martin Bähr GmbH

The company, called Martin Baehr GmbH was founded on July 9, 2010 as a leader for installations of high bay warehouses and steelstructures, For local and also international projects we are proud to provide highest qualtiy standards. Already beginning of September, 2010, our company did start up with the first projects of new high bay warehouses. In cooperation with our sister company MB Regalbau GmbH, founded in July 2016, we can now look back on numerous projects.

A High-bay warehouse offers all the benefits of an economic storage system: area savings by optimal room usage as well as inventory safety and efficient processes.

Discover the impressive construction of an High Bay Warehouse for LEGO-Group in the hungarian city of Nyiregyhaza. The following video by a time of 01:30 min. will show some details of the new facility, the following sequenzes are presenting the site and the soroundings. After it we can say it has benn an ambitious project which can only be fullfilled by an great commitment of an great team.